These are the instruments that I have made and that I use in my music projects. They are based on ancients models but with a great deal of creativity.

I'm not searching for perfection in my work with the wood. I like asymetry and scratches.

To my point of view, these instruments are alive and magic. They are made of woods that have stories to tell...

Vihuela de Mano (summer 2013, Quebec)

I made this vihuela with almost no tools, using an old presto to heat and bent the sides. The top is made of old cedar (Thuya Occidentalis) fences from Quebec.

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7 courses Renaissance Lute (Barcelona 2015)

This lute was made with the help of my friend and master Gonzalo Pieters and with some tools of the master Sergi Casademunt.

Renaissance Guitar (Les Planes, Barcelona 2016)

This guitar was made with the help my one and a half year old son Josquin.

We fight against the cold and the humidity of the mountain we were living at the timem near to Barcelona. The fish glue didn't want to dry. But at the end we succeded and made an incredible instrument. Very warm and magic.