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On my way I came across

On my way I came across is a solo concert of Stanislas Germain. It is a recital of songs he found in the heart of his lute which he had built with his own hands. He thus creates a bridge between far-off stellar harmonies and emotions of our life on Earth. Like a troubadour or musician from the Renaissance, he wanders and observes the world in which we live, sharing his thoughts and experiences along the way.


The concert is made  of songs found here and there, songs from the past, heritage of ancient masters, or composed on the spur of the moment, along the way : such as the story of Richard the Lionheart, king and trouvere, who was detained for years in a dunjeon, or that of a man who dressed up as a bird to make money and seduce women with his singing, only to end up as the victim of a hunter in the forest, or simply the contemplation of a sunset at the family farm in his youth.


Going through different times up to now, the concert is a journey into oneself, a reflection on human kind.

Program outlook


A combination of old songs, traditional music and new compisitions


Ja nus hons pris
                          Richard Coeur de Lion (1157-1199)


Voyage en Pays de Saguenay             Stanislas Germain (1982-)

La queue de l’Hirondelle                        Trad. Irlande-Québec


Fantasia que contrahaze la harpa                      Alonso Mudarra (1510-1580)


Je me suis habillé en plume                            Trad. Québec-France (Medieval)


Les vents de Novembre                              S. Germain (1982-)/F. Thérien (1948-)

Lais de Villon                                 S. Germain (1982-)/F. Villon (1431-1463)

Le Reel du lièvre
                                   Trad. Québec (siglo XIX)


Un refrain                                                      Stanislas Germain (1982-)

Un rêve dans un rêve                                  Stanislas Germain (1982-)


La grive                                        Stanislas Germain (1982-)

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